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3 powerful reasons why you need to use subway tiles in your home

benefits of installing subway tiles

Subway tiles are one of the most-used patterns that almost everyone uses today. Have you heard about subway tiles? And you’re thinking about why you need to use it in your home? Of course, no one can force you to use subway tiles. But I believe you’ll be convinced to use this tile in your home by the time you see the uniqueness of subway tiles. When I saw how beautiful this unique tile is on walls and floors, I thought of passing vital information to people out there about subway tiles. Therefore, this article aims at providing adequate information on the benefits of installing subway tiles. 

But before I move to the details on those benefits, it would be nice to briefly talk about what subway tiles entail for the sake of those that don’t have background knowledge of what subway tile is all about. So, what is subway tile?

 A subway tile is a rectangular piece of tiles arranged in the form of a brick. It’s a unique way of installing tiles to remind you of subway stations. This excellent subway tile has a unique way of adding space to bathrooms, kitchens, and even powder rooms. One beautiful about subway tile is that it comes in different colors. I mean shades that fit all kinds of styles that range from traditional to contemporary. 

Also, this unique tile is fashionable. Just like the little black dress, this tile is the best choice if you want your home to be the talk of the town. So, here are the benefits of installing subway tiles in your home;

kitchen subway tiles
  1. Subway tiles cannot go out of fashion: If you want a design that will last for decades to cover or design your walls and floors, then subway tiles are what you need to use. No other tiles can maintain their originality for years other than subway tiles. This excellent tile has been in vogue for centuries now. And up till today, no one dares to look down on anything been designed to be like a subway station as something of old fashion. Even though it has been in vogue for over two centuries, the pattern is everlasting. Subway tiles go with most décor and architectural structures. So, adding subway tile to either your kitchen or bathroom means attempting to have a clean, simple look that suits several decorative tastes. If someone tells you subway tiles will soon go out of fashion, reply to the person with NO! Therefore, if you want a design that cannot go out of style in your home, then subway tiles would be a great choice.
  2. Subway tiles enhance other decorative features: Using these unique tiles as a blank slate will improve other decorative elements. It doesn’t matter where you’re using subway tiles. Whether you are using it in your bathroom or kitchen, it would make a backdrop for enhancing decorative features like cabinets, lighting, mirrors, and other decorative elements. For example, you can use white subway tiles to get an excellent background for stainless appliances. Not only that, there’s no limit to where you can install subway tiles in your home. Installing subway tiles around a fireplace will also give the place a stunning look. Dear reader, you can change things further by installing the subway tiles in a non-traditional pattern. This forms visual awareness without losing the subway tiles’ classic appearance. One of the great things about subway tile is that it will complement other decorative features in your kitchen or bathroom.
  3. Subway tile is something you won’t regret: No one has ever regretted installing subway tiles in their homes. From the information I gathered from people, I have never heard something talking down on these unique tiles. Everyone is saying something good about these tiles. While these unique tiles can stand alone, you can enlarge their potential and your décor concepts by using them with other categories of tile and tile accents. Add contemporary accents to your subway tile backsplash for an “old meets new” melody. You could also mount metal accents synchronizing with your appliances or bathroom fittings. Your subway tile backsplash is a wooden canvas; consider joining a strip of mosaic tiles to add a bit of interest. Also, these unique tiles can be used creatively. What do I mean? Do you know subway tiles can be laid in a herringbone pattern? Of course, yes. Sincerely, the herringbone pattern has naturally made way for itself today in our generation. The herringbone pattern is what people are using these days. Oh! What do I mean by herringbone pattern? The herringbone pattern is when tiles are cut into rectangular pieces of the same size to form a zigzag pattern. In the herringbone pattern, tiles are laid at 45-degree angles. I know you might have seen something like this in a bathroom. Therefore, one can use subway tiles in a herringbone pattern to create something unique and outstanding. Click here to read about How to Design Your Bathroom: 7 Bathroom Decor Tips.

How to achieve the above-listed benefits

How to achieve the above-listed benefits

If you want to have a subway tile that will contend with others you’ve seen and don’t want to regret installing it, you must hire a competent tiler. People do overlook the aspect of hiring an experienced tiler. If you allow an incompetent tiler to handle your project, you can say something terrible about subway tiles. So, if you want to tell an incredible story about subway tiles, you must take the aspect of working with a competent tiler seriously. Ensure that you hire someone who has made different patterns of tiling. Visi to read about Subway tiles are popular. Why?

Final words

Dear reader, I believe you’ve found something new, instructive, and educative. This write-up is all about the benefits of installing subway tiles. I listed and explained three powerful reasons you need to consider installing this unique tile in your home. Furthermore, I also explained how one could achieve those benefits. And that’s where I talked about hiring a competent tiler if you want an outstanding design. Finally, please don’t hesitate to drop your question or contribution in the comment box. You can also read about HOW MUCH HEAT CAN CERAMIC TILE TAKE? by clicking here.