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Subway tiles are popular. Why?

The pursuit of every homeowner is to design their interior with something unique and beautiful. If you want a tile upgrade, there’s no other way to do that other than considering the use of subway tiles. Today, virtually everyone is looking forward to using subway tiles to make their home like heaven on earth. Why is that? This article aims to do justice to why people are clamoring for subway tiles. But before we move further, let us briefly talk about subway tiles.

What is a subway tile? 

Initially, the name subway does not mean the shape of the tile. In the olden days, subway tiles were used to cover the wall of the subway system. It first started in New York City in the US. Nevertheless, these unique tiles are not widely used in different countries. Countries like France and Australia cannot stop using these fantastic tiles. A subway tile is a rectangular piece of tiles arranged in the form of a brick. It’s a unique way of installing tiles to remind you of subway stations. This excellent subway tile has a unique way of adding space to bathrooms, kitchens, and even powder rooms. One beautiful about subway tile is that it comes in different colors. I mean shades that fit all kinds of styles that range from traditional to contemporary. Not only that, but subway tiles also come in different shapes, sizes and patterns. The production of subway tiles started at first with ceramics. But today, subway tiles are made from porcelain, marble, and glass. Meanwhile, each subway has a mesh. The work of the mesh is to enhance sticking to the surface during installation. 

Also, this unique tile is fashionable. Just like the little black dress, this tile is the best choice if you want your interior decoration to be the talk of the town.

Where do we use subway tiles? 

The best place to use these unique tiles is on the walls of home interiors. But recently, I have seen people using subway tiles on the floor. There’s no limit to where one can lay this excellent tile. Have you ever seen a kitchen wall and bathroom walls covered or designed with subway tiles? They are always beautiful. One of the works of subway tiles is to protect the surface of wherever it has been laid from water damage, and it will finally add a new style to it. What am I saying in essence? I am trying to let you know that subway tiles work on both walls and floors. Click here to read about How Much Tile Do I Need? Solved!

What causes its popularity?

There’s no doubt about the fact that subway tiles are one of the famous tile patterns that have been in vogue for centuries now. One of the reasons people cannot stop using this tile pattern is its rectangular shape and standard size. Therefore, this section will focus on why people cannot stop using subway tiles. Here are reasons why subway tiles are popular;

  1. It optimizes space: In 1904, subway tiles came into the limelight. Since then, these fantastic tiles have become an efficient method to make the best use of your space. Remember, the style of this tile is to have a brick appearance. So, the brick appearance will be a design on the wall with its closeness. If you’re looking forward to designing your interiors with materials that will enable you to use your space efficiently, you need to consider installing subway tiles. 
  2. Subway tiles are durable: Different styles and patterns of using this tile. The uniqueness of installing subway tiles in the interior part of your home is that they are timeless. You don’t need to make any further effort or spend money on renovation. Subway tiles are not like other tile patterns that one has to prepare for renovation after three years. This unique tile is the only tile pattern that has maintained its originality and beauty for more than a decade. That is why subway tiles are the only tile pattern that can add a classic appearance to your kitchen and bathroom. If you are creating a new home or about to renovate your home, I implore you to consider using subway tiles. You won’t regret it. 
  3. Subway tiles are easy to clean and maintain: One of the reasons behind subway tile’s popularity is because it is the only tile pattern that is easy to clean and maintain. The ability to let go of dirt without much stress is what the pioneer architects saw about subway tiles. One will spend less time cleaning when installing subway tiles perfectly and neatly with thin grout lines. No wonder people are requesting subway tiles to decorate their interiors. No one wants to spend the whole day cleaning tiles. 
  4. Subways tiles produce light to dim areas: Are you worried about how to lighten up space in your home that is not open enough for light? Honestly, your worries are over. The room will get more brightness with subway tiles by reflecting light it. Don’t be tricked by what you’ve heard. A space that doesn’t have enough illumination from natural light can be lightened up using subway tiles. I will only advise you to go for subway tiles made from porcelain and white ceramics. Also, glass tiles are the best option for this feature. 
  5. Subway tiles are the best for wet areas: One of the reasons subway tiles are the best option for people these days is their ability to protect the walls from being penetrated by water. With subway tiles on the walls and floors of your wet areas like the bathroom, the walls and floors of your bathroom are safe. The closeness of the tiles during the installation process gives them no room for any external thing to penetrate. Not even water. So, for a wet area like a bathroom, you need something that will stand against water. And subway tiles are the solution to that. 


 What else would you go for, if not subway tiles? With all the above-listed points, no one would choose to use other tile patterns other than subway tiles. I hope you’ve seen the reason behind its popularity. Finally, dear reader, please feel free to drop either a question or contribution in the comment box. Visit to read about How to uniquely use subway tile in your bathroom.