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7 Inspiring And Cool Display Shelf Ideas To Spruce Up The Walls

If you are tired of looking at the same old boring shelves every day and want to do something about it, then don’t worry and make some interesting changes in your house by changing those boring display units. Shelves are the design breaker as it breaks the monotony of the plain walls. But what if the shelves in themselves are boring and are dull as hell. It will be a blunder. The display units should be fascinating and should be really attractive. There are several classic designs that you can use to break the boring pattern and make the walls look very beautiful and cool.

Mentioned Below Are 7 Inspiring And Cool Display Shelf Ideas To Spruce Up The Walls

1. A Creative Bookshelf

This is one of the most interesting things you can do with your bookshelf. If you are bored of that boring book shelve, which looks lifeless now, you can do something creative on the walls and make the shelf look interesting and cool. Get a shelf, with the word ‘read’. It looks really cool and also creative. You can keep a few of your books on that shelf.

2. Use The Ladders To Make The Shelves

This is one of the coolest ideas to make the shelves it is effortless and you can do it all by yourself. All you need is two same old wooden ladders. Keep it in your living room or wherever you want and open it. Keep the flat wooden slabs in between them to create shelves. You can use it for whatever purpose you want,

3. Hanging Shelf

A hanging shelf is one of the most inspiring and coolest ideas to display shelves on the wall. In this design, all you need is wooden slabs, attached to the walls and have ropes on the sides, which are fixed on the ceiling giving it a hanging feel. It is a very cool idea and it looks really fascinating.

4. Glass Shelves In Front Of The Window

This is another inspiring idea to make your house look creative and cool. On this shelf, all you need is glass shelves, which are fixed in front of the window and you can keep colorful glass vases on it, to make it look extremely beautiful and colorful.

5. Make A Shelf Of An Old Wooden Door

If you have an old door, which is of no use don’t throw it away. Be a little creative and use it as a shelf. It looks really cool and creative. You can keep it against the wall and use it to keep different things. It is a beautiful design breaker and looks really nice.

6. Make A Maze On The Wall

This is a very cool idea and if you are amongst those, who really have a collection of more than 100 books and you are looking for an interesting bookshelf, then this is a great idea. Use one entire wall and make the display unit look like a maze. You can use a different color to paint that unit so that it stands out from the rest.

7. Display Unit Made Of Tyre

It is another cool idea, and if you have a spare Tyre at home then you can use it as a display unit. Hang it on the wall, and make 2-3 shelves in it to keep things. You can also use a big lorry tire. It looks very interesting.

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