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5 Interesting DIY Backyard Storage Ideas

Outdoor storage is always an issue because most of the time there isn’t enough space or the storage is a mess with a lot of things dumped randomly and not well organized. To help you tackle this problem, here are five easy DIY backyard storage ideas that are easy to build. Moreover, these storage ideas are easy on the pocket as they are made with reusable materials. Hope you find them useful and attractive.

DIY Backyard Storage Ideas

1. Storage Bench

A simple bench in the yard makes a comfortable seating at less cost and provides a cozy corner to sit and relax at times you can even take a catnap and enjoy a nice garden time. So, when you design yard benches why not make some room for storage and build a multi-purpose bench? A cool idea isn’t it? You can create a beautiful storage space for all your tools and even the bench cushions in your outdoor seating and make full use of space


2. Fence Picket Shed

You can make simple yet useful storage shed for your yard using less expensive things that you would not even have thought about such as the fence pickets. All you need is fence pickets, plywood panel for roofing, nails, hinges, handles, and lock. This will be an interesting weekend project at an affordable cost. It is customizable and large enough that it can be used as a small workspace too.


3. Pallets Storage

A pallet is generally used to transport goods in factories and stores, but did you know you can transform one into practical storage for your yard too, which makes it excellent vertical storage for your lawn tools. All you need to do is assemble the storage and stake up or hang down the tools from the nails attached to it neatly. It is a perfect storage idea for racks, shovels, and other large equipment.

Pallets Storage

4. Wooden Crates Storage

The old unused wooden creates are no more trash. They can be assembled and attached to the backyard fence or wall to make rustic open storage. You can keep small garden tools or other things and even use the open storage to place planters for increasing aesthetic value. You can paint the crates with bright colors and use screws to affix them to the fencer wall.

Wooden Crates Storage

5. Ladder Shelf

A ladder shelf is easy to build and a great idea to store a lot of things in an orderly way by using only less space. If you have an unused ladder, then it is quite simple to build a ladder shelf. Even if you do not have a ladder, you can start from scratch and build a shelf of your own design according to the space you have and your need. Just paint it bright to make it pretty.

Ladder Shelf

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