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8 Charming Teacup Gardens You’ll Want In Every Room

Teacup gardens are not the decorations that can be spotted in too many houses. You have seen plenty of flower pots used for the purpose of gardening over the years. Probably, the time has come to take a look at your crockery and segregate beautiful cups that can be used for gardening. Unlike the flower pots, teacups are smaller in size which makes them very balanced and easy to put in the gardens and even in your living room. Also, teacups come in a variety of lovely shapes and designs printed on them. So there is no reason, you should not try these 8 charming teacup gardens ideas that will revitalize your gardens just like a cup of tea that lifts the mood.

Here Are 8 Charming Teacup Gardens You’ll Want In Every Room

1. Cozy Rosy Cups

Rose patterned china cups are the perfect and lovable way to introduce teacup gardens in your rooms. Take a large china cup complete with a floral motif and fill them with a fresh bundle of roses. To make sure that the roses stay afloat following a synched pattern, cut the rose stems in equal sizes. Soaked foams dipped in water for 30 minutes are the best way to keep the roses in shape.

2. Herbs Cup

Having your own herb garden is no difficult task with teacup gardens anymore and you do not require very eye-catching teacup either. Take out some of your old cups and start herb plantation straightaway. In order to have a stable plantation and gardening herbs, make sure you drill a small hole in the cup’s bottom.

3. Succulents Cup

The arid zone plants are a great way to make some indoor teacup garden ideas work favorably. A ceramic teacup, drilled in the bottom for water drainage, pebbles to facilitate draining, and soil to cool the succulents will give you a very appealing teacup garden in your room. The more the variety of succulents the more multidimensional it looks.

4. Fairy Teacups Garden

The sweetest teacup garden that you would want in your room and it can be a great gift idea too. All you have to do is plant several varieties of succulents so they look colorful altogether. Mix the greenery with some plastic decoration to add more color schemes. If you are into painting and other art, why not pick a white teacup and design it the way you want.

5. Cacti Cups

The low-maintenance teacup idea will be a lot easier than you think. With minimal things in use, cacti cups make maximum impact. Things you require; small pebbles or even aquarium rocks, a cactus plant, and a teacup. That’s it.

6. Teacup Garden Under Cloche

More like a preserved teacup garden in its own kingdom, teacup gardens have so vintage charm. Irrespective of whatever you choose, a round tray with spring flowers is a must.

7. Miniature Teagarden

This will be a true beauty; a Teagarden within a tea garden. Unlike the other ideas where succulents were paid attention to, this one will focus on the miniature Teagarden.

8. Snowballed Teacups Garden

No matter what kind of teacup you choose, a ribbon-wrapped dowel is imperative. The daisy-covered ball will sit on top of it. The look you get in the room is refreshingly nice with light colors. For better preservation, put tufts of Spanish bottoms all over the cups.

The above-mentioned teacup garden ideas are new and unique. They will surely go to a huge difference in your interior.

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