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18 Creatively Recycled Garden Pot Ideas

Gardening is a peaceful and time-consuming activity. It is a private, personal and blissful haven for all gardening enthusiasts. Gardening is just not the skill to plant and nurture, it is a passion that drives and inspires many. If you are a gardening enthusiast and wish to make your garden look the best in town; these DIY pot ideas will surely excite you.

After all, it isn’t a very shallow hobby to keep. Dedicated gardeners also want to make their world look beautiful and bright. There are many unused, wasted, recycling items in our homes we can convert into portable or use as flower pots; and not have to spend more on a new flower pot.

Here Are 18 Creative Ways To Redecor, Organize Your Garden Innovatively:

1. Garden Hedgehogs

Now you can raise your very own hedgehogs using old discarded plastic bottles. Cutting out half the bottle, fill it with some fertile soil and shrubs or any plant species or type. Using buttons for eyes and a bottle cap for the nose, you have your very own created garden hedgehog that needs water to be fed from time to time to keep its back green.

2. Topsy-Turvy Planted Pots

Find new ways to plant your pots in an innovative style. You can use a thick pole to insert through the pots, secure it in position and fill it with plants. Top it with a bird doll, idol, or any other decorative items you prefer.

3. Bottled Plants

Plastic bottles are more useful than one can assume. It can be recycled in many different ways, for many different purposes. One such purpose is potted for kitchen plants or for plants you wish to grow up on your walls. Genuinely creative idea, don’t you think?

4. Old Furniture Pots

While the kids grow older and off to college, the old study desk and chair have no more use now. Perhaps you could clear all your stuff off it and revamp it to create a mini garden of flowers. Ain’t it dainty and beautiful?

5. Paint And Embellish Flower Pots

Beautiful and bright mosaic terra cotta pots. These make impressive handmade gifts too. You can paint your clay pots, embellish them with stone decors or use glow-in-the-dark paints to create fantastic effects. Use these to gift your friends or to decorate your home with indoor plants.

6. Fantasy Garden Pots

As the title suggests create a fantasy land out of miniature plants, articles, stones; an island garden set upon an old birdbath, unused and abandoned. Fill it with soil and plants to rejuvenate it. You could give it the look of a miniature garden, park, or distant Greenland.

7. Bouquet Bucket Pot

An old rustic wooden bucket might be worn out of use but it does owe a rustic charm that might just give the edge to your garden decor. Fill the bucket with soil and beautiful blossoms of all colorful flowers, and let it grow untainted.

8. Tyre For Planting Pots

Unusual it may sound, unusual it may seem but an old tire can be more of worth more than the end being dumped. Take a stool to attach as a base to your discarded tire base and go happy planting pretty plants.

9. An Old Cycle For A Garden

Recycle an old rusted cycle into a vintage-looking garden pot piece. Adds a more country-like charm to your garden space. Similarly, old trollies, trays, and carts can be used in the same manner.

10. Recycled Garden Creatures

Horrific, funny, cute, or ugly; you can create such garden characters using old containers. Paint them, add bottle caps, and buttons for eyes, and shape them like birds, animals, or any sort of character you would like. Install them as members of your imaginary garden friends. Do remember to water them from time to time for your plants to stay alive.

11. Instrumental Garden DIY

Even an old, rusted, discarded grand piano could be transformed into a garden fountain with beautiful flowers blossoming on its keyboard. Romantic, enchanting, and charming it turns the surrounding ambiance.

12. Gnomes And Fairies Pot Houses 

Use broken pot pieces to assemble and reform miniature designs of home, parlor, garden, and much more. Like homes build for magical little beings that may visit your garden at night or when you are not watching. These could be put to display within your home too like decorative indoor garden pots.

13. A Chair Of Garden

An old wooden chair might be all to add a classy, vintage charm to your garden. Old, broken yet strong enough to be fertilized and planted in a corner of your garden to seat some beautiful display of bright colorful flowers or any plant you like. Next time you might give this a thought before you get rid of any worn-out, broken furniture.

14. A Barrel Train Of Flowers

Old wooden barrels can hold more than just old, fine vintage wine. You could use them to garden flowers, and plants, and pot them around your home to create a portable garden even when you do not have an actual garden or a backyard, to begin with.

15. Hanging Garden

Using baskets and ropes you can create these hanging pots suspended from your roof leaning ceilings. You can hang them indoors, planted with indoor plants, or on your front porch or patio. Beautiful flower plants growing off the baskets are quite a natural decor idea.

16. Porcelain Cup Pots

Old porcelain tea set with broken pieces and missing saucer or cup, yet you do not wish to rid of it. You can plant your little kitchen herbs, spices, or flowers in them. The cups can serve as decorative pots and being made of clay material they would keep your plants well moist and hydrated.

17. Creative Planting Pots

Plastic bottles can be used in more ways than thought. You can add some bottle caps, buttons, and googly eyes to create such cute bushy green hairdo creatures. Teach the young kids the value of planting and gardening in a way that is fun for them to learn and make.

18. Vintage Garden Style

This is for all the artistic garden lovers, an old vintage converted into an eye-captivating garden centerpiece. It need not be an old vintage car alone, it could be any object, instrument, or furniture piece that may add to the beauty of your garden. Gardens look beautiful with all the lovely flowers and green, a garden nurtured with love will always be spectacular to behold anybody.

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